Pictures from our trip to Asahikawa and Tokyo Japan

Don't try this at home


How we got there, the plane ride over, seeing Gretta for the first time in almost a year, Japanese cars, a statue of Mary.

Day 1

Gretta's host family's house, her host family, walking around the neighborhood, and me with a note explaining what to do if I'm found.

Day 2

The best host mom ever!, Asahikawa Zoo where the orangutan has to work for lunch, they way I'd lay if I was a lion at a zoo, racing pandas, Gretta's school, her principal, teachers, classmates, and school uniforms.

Day 3

Host family, Bloomington/Normal plaza, Mayor Judy when she was young?, recycling trash can, 7/11 everywhere, vitamin drink, truck, dinner with friends from Asahikawa including our Japanese daughter Naho's parents, and kids that have stayed at our house, me eating eel (thanks to Mario Yap), and Maki.

Day 4

The lavender farm, lunch, Japanese Maggie, Sean Connery and Brad Pitt, boys cooking out, the best host family ever, introducing Jell-O shots, inside the host house, host dad mashing on host mom!

Day 5

Until we meet again with our host family (the host family we try to be like), our tour guides (who planned the trip and escorted the doddering old parents around Tokyo like pros), shopping, the fish market (all the squid you want), Hard Rock Tokyo, see you in 6 weeks.

Day 6