Bee live over winter in Alaska -- they said it couldn't be done!

For non beekeepers I better explain the pictures.

First, its necessary to understand the life cycle of a bee---I will not go into it---look it up if you really want to know.

They live six to eight weeks except for the queen she lives up to four or five years. It is a fact of nature that a living organism has to poop --- or explode. These gals & guys lived all winter to keep the queen warm and happy ---- one day the sun is at the right angle in the sky to allow the warm rays to enter the hive --- excitement builds -- the heck with the queen -- "I have to poop!"--- fly outside --- temperature is 19 degrees --- you poop --- and die --- end of story. Life goes on.

Pictures of success

Dead bees in the snow mean they made it through winter!

So help me God they said it couldn't be done! *

I am so excited I could shout from the rooftops! *

* Pat Mack - Fairbanks, Alaska beekeeper.