Danielle & Gretta, Christmas 2001
Happy New Year!

I'm just playing around with new software I got for Christmas and thought you'd like to see my beautiful daughters. Danielle was home for Christmas and she'll kill me when I tell everyone this but her hair is always in her eyes. She likes it like that and if it works for her that's great. But it could drive a person crazy if you didn't like to see someone with their hair in their eyes. Danielle goes the the Pratt Design Institue in Brooklyn, NY. A design school is pretty much an art school. As you can imagine, she's got teachers who have seen pretty much anything college kids can do. One old professor asked Danielle, "Danielle, what does the world look like from behind that hair." If that guy has to ask her, I feel vindicated.

Gretta feels slighted because I'm not saying anything about her. Don't worry she's driving me nuts a little bit everyday, some days a lot.

Danelle & Gretta Far

Danielle & Gretta Close